No one is as cool as their instagram posts…and that’s okay.

Instagram is a worldwide phenomen. even if you don’t post yourself, you’ve definitely done a little celebrity stalking of your own to pass the time. And just like any other social media platform, with a wealth of images and information at your finger tips, also comes a certain kind of pressure for everything from your face, clothes, interiors, and food to have a certain “my life is great and I don’t even know it” vibe. 

Rarely do people – including myself – feel comfortable sharing with the world the side of us that is far from perfect. 

But no one’s life is perfect. Nor is their skin, their hair, their job. 

There is nothing wrong with being a goon. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive goon. I trip over my own feet. Sometimes if I’m laughing hard enough, a tiny bit of pee comes out. I can easily  spend an entire day wth my top on inside out, and I’ve spent a little longer than I’m proud of laughing at YouTube videos that no one else seems to find funny… (how is a video of a cat being scared by a cucumber not funny)?

I’m as guilty as anyone for posting both my metaphorical and literal best side more than the side that I look at in the mirror sometimes and think “Christ. what happened here then”. But that’s okay. In every aspect of our lives we do the same thing: jobs, dates, interviews, seminars, we all want to be the best version of ourselves. 

So don’t be so hard on yourself, and keep in mind that for every artfully styled coffee snap is a thought process and a plethora of unused, imperfect shots. 

So if you love the photo of you and your friends, but your teeth look weird, or you’ve been caught mid sneeze, or there’s a giant beast of a spot on your chin, post that photo anyway! If it’s what you want then post away and fear not that your life may seem to others like a slightly hot mess. 

We’re all a hot mess. And that my friends, is bloody fine by me.

Eleanor  x

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