TMI: 20 facts for 20 years.

Hi all! I thought i’d do a little facts about me post today. I’m no more or less interesting than any of you, and many of these facts are clutching at straws…I got to about nine and wondered whether there were in fact any more facts about me people might actually be interested in…but I persevered and just about got to 20. Which, conveniently is my age, so there we have it. 20 facts for 20 years!

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  1. I’m left handed,  which means annoying people next to me as i turn my notepad 45 degrees sideways to write is a perpetual hazard..but hey, at least i’m creative and might live longer than you normals 😉
  2. “No one is a cat AND dog person”…ERR? I am. My love for cats will last forever, but if I’m ever lucky enough to be able to have pets of my own, I’ll definitely be getting one of both..I’m greedy like that.
  3. I am blind as a bat. I wear contact lenses daily and can’t see much further than a few feet in front of my face. I’d wear glasses more but I loathe my current pair!
  4. I hail from the midlands, which, living in London proves difficult to explain to southerners who think anything north of the Watford gap is simply “The North”. I got news for ya peeps, the midlands IS a thing, and its pretty damn underrated too.
  5. I LOVE…sweet potato. cook me sweet potato fries and you’ll have my heart on a plate. Frankly cook me sweet potato anything and you have yourself a very loyal friend.
  6. I play two musical instruments. I have played the piano since about the age of 7. And after years of having to be forced to go to lessons by my parents, I now love it! Thanks mum and dad for some class parenting there. I also play the guitar..but nowhere near as competently as the former. Note to self: Teaching yourself takes A-LOT longer than you may think.
  7. I am in my third year studying sociology. Its a difficult subject to explain because really…its a bit of a mystery to us lot too. If I had to sum it up I’d say it was the study of society and the processes and structures that form the world we live in. Its pretty interesting stuff. I’ve studied things like class, race, and gender and I loves it I do.
  8. I study at Goldsmiths, University of London. In general its a pretty unknown place, a hidden gem in the University of London crown, but its churned out Turner Prize winners left right and centre, its the home of British qualitative sociology- which for me studying sociology and having all the buildings I work in named after big name sociologists – is pretty darn cool! Its a place full of creativity, progressive ideas and a strong political identity. Its my home from home, and leaving its hallowed halls next year is something the fills my heart with sadness.
  9. I have the strange ability to be able to tell you exactly what that actor you recognise but can’t place has been in, I can even do it on voiceovers!
  10. I’m weirdly good at accents. My Australian is probably the best, and funniest.Processed with VSCO
  11. Its a horrible thing to admit to but I am one messy girl. I love the idea of keeping my room perfect, my wardrobe neat and colour coded all year round. But the reality is far different. My room can be tidy when I wake up and by the time I leave the house a few hours later there are clothes strewn across the floor, making it seem like the kind of mess a burglar might leave in his wake. In my defence, I am working hard to get much better at keeping things tidy and organised, and in general my room stays a lot neater than it would have done a few years ago, but alas, when times are busy and the stress levels are high, my poor room becomes a little neglected!
  12. I only got into coffee this year. For some reason I have spent most of university sipping on mint teas rather than my now go to Latte, but since I tasted coffee there’s been no going back – who knew you didn’t have to stay tired and groggy all morning!
  13. I am a quarter Irish. I know I know, everyone is Irish, or at least everyone wants to be. But I actually am a little bit, with a pretty hefty family to prove it!
  14. I’m a spender not a saver. I will get better at saving, but right now, whilst i’m young with little responsibility to tie me down, I do tend to spend more than I save. Naughty.
  15. My guilty pleasure is Pretty Little Liars. Who is A?! The suspense is killing me and frankly I’m not happy I have to wait until April to find out.
  16. My party trick is cracking my back. Its gross, people freak out, we bond – it works!
  17. I had braces for a loonnnng time. From the ages of about 11-16 I had every variation of braces you can think of aside from those awful head brace ones that i’m not even sure exist anymore. I’m still a little self conscious of my mouth but we all have our hang ups and its learning to love them thats key!
  18. My middle name is Grace. My mum had a dream whilst in the hospital after giving birth that Grace should be my middle name. And so it is, and a good one at that!
  19. I went through a serious Jane Austen fangirl stage during my teen years. My head was always in one of her books and to this day I am a fountain of Austen trivia. Laaaaame.
  20. I want to love spicy food. But I just don’t. I want to be able to order more than a bloody korma…but I can’t. I want to love the spice and heat, but I just don’t. Damn you tastebuds you wusses.
  21. I’m 21 in a few weeks time so here’s an extra one: Rarely am I late. Usually i’m the one waiting around like a muppet for friends who can never manage to be on time! *Sigh* It’s a hard life.

So there you have it. 20 facts about me, Nothing too crazy I’m afraid!

Lots o’ love

E x

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