February Trend Chat

In a month where I’ve been staring at my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear, as well as scouring the shops and finding nothing that gets me going or makes me excited about getting dressed in the morning, I’ve been doing some MAJOR interesting. And I’ve come up with a few themes that have given me some direction when thinking about what to wear, how to style key pieces and particularly when thinking forward to transitional dressing going into spring.

**All Images found on Pinterest-not my own, I claim no ownership**

  1. Colour Blocks: My fave – Red and Pink.
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Pink and Red is a combo that has felt for so long totally wrong. And yet for some reason I find myself loving it more and more, suddenly, it really is so wrong its right – so uncomplimentary it’s complimentary – don’t ask me how or why but I. Am. Love. Ing. It.

2. White or Cream Denim


I don’t think I’ve ever worn white, cream or even off white on my bottom half. It’s never really felt like my style, but recently I’ve been noticing a chic, fresh and oh so me styling of all things white and i’m digging it! One of my faaave bloggers Shot From The Street by Lizzy Hadfield is wearing cream denim so so well right now and i’m lusting after her white denim collection (that pair of ASOS straight leg jeans that are only £14 but out of my size 😦 ). Thinking about it, I’m not sure why I ever had an aversion for the trend, it’s different, crisp, chic and summery, and whilst we’re still in the depths of winter here in the UK [despite the unusually mild weather] I am dreaming of warmer climes and the lightness and freshness the comes with spring and summer style.

3. Fishnets

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Fishnets have been back in a big way for a while now and the 90’s throwback looks like its here to stay and I for one am rather glad. They add an edge and a bit of interest to otherwise simple outfits, they allow you to bare your skin just a little bit in shoes that the time of year normally wouldn’t allow. Micro or Macro, socks, tights or stockings, get o’self some fishnets!

4. Loafers + Mules


Backless or closed or slingback, open toe or closed, flat or heeled: These two shoes are just dreamy. Loafers are a perfect [and my go to] alternative to flat boots or trainers when they’re feeling a little too worn and your shoe choice feels repetitive. Closed toe mules with a block heel are perfect for adding some chic to an outfit. Loafer or mule, heel or flat they work with jeans, trousers, wide legs or straight, bare skin or tights..even socks if you’re feelin’ crazy, they go with everything, and the best part is that there are too many dupes to the designer ones [hello Gucci], you really don’t have to break the bank on this one.

There we have it: a few things that i’ll be bearing in mind when trying to spice up my looks going into spring and summer, more monthly inspo’ to come!

Love E x

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