Self Portrait

I’m back from a bit of time off from blogging, as I had been feeling pretty uninspired and unimaginative!

I often get frustrated that as someone who doesn’t have access to photographers that make you look super cool and work with you to create the aesthetic you want for your content, I often can’t seem to create the type of imagery I want, the type of imagery that I see on my Instagram feed that inspires me.

The kit I have is pretty basic. I have a Nikon d5500 which, whilst a pretty decent camera, to create the high quality images I’d like I’d need maybe a 50mm lens and an awesome photographer behind it. I currently don’t even have a tripod!

Yet earlier today, just as that golden hour was upon us, I noticed how nice the light was around the house, and so decided to take advantage of it and I’m quite pleased with the results!


I had the camera’s inbuilt self timer to help me, which, if anyone is thinking about buying this camera and wants some info – is rubbish – you have to set it for each and every photo you want to use it on, it really struggles to keep in focus, and it makes the surprisingly loud beeping sound as it counts down the seconds.  I also had quite a long pair of arms which also helped.


I think when you’re not established as anything in particular and you’re still exploring and trying to find and create the kind of content that is both most honest and representative of yourself, it’s hard when you don’t have the means necessary to create a final product that you’re happy with.


When it all does seem to come together in an image or a set of images then, it’s extra satisfying!


What makes this set of photos really feel like something that is representative of the ideas I have in my head which I want to transfer on to image so much, I think is a culmination of things. The light was that perfect just before dusk golden hour light, the fact that our house has shutters which cast really interesting shadows on the face, and of course the wondrous gift that is smartphone editing! I added a filter on a really low level,  turned down the exposure, added grain and fade and what I was left with was a set of images I really like – with no fancy lens or expensive photographer in sight!


Obviously, if my blog develops I’d love to work with lots of different photographers and creatives from many different disciplines, but in the mean time it’s nice to know that sometimes, girl can do it all on her own!

Top – Zara- Old

Jeans – And Other stories – even older!


E x


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